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Making HOA websites delightful

Hi, we’re HOA Express! 👋 We’re passionate about creating HOA websites that everyone enjoys—board members and residents alike. Our product makes information accessible, streamlines communication, and promotes involvement.

Our story

Fifteen years ago, HOA websites were difficult to create and maintain, expensive, or both. HOA Express was built by a website design company looking to solve these challenges for some of its clients, in a way no other product on the market at the time did. We launched with a compelling set of features at a great price, and it led to rapid growth. We’ve never changed that winning formula.

Today, we’re actively improving upon the best website builder for HOAs—and have been ever since our initial launch. We’ve built up a talented customer success team that provides world class service to our customers. We regularly publish articles on our blog to help communities create incredible places to live.

Thousands of communities in every U.S. state and more than twenty countries across the globe count on HOA Express to power their website. We’re proud to serve each and every one.

Product values

  • Ease-of-use

    Customers consistently cite how easy it is to use our product as one of their favorite benefits. We achieve this by meticulously crafting our software to be simple and intuitive.

  • Reliability

    We place a strong emphasis on ensuring our product is reliable, by designing with redundancy, extensively testing each feature, and prioritizing bug fixes.

  • Performance

    Built on the same technologies that power the world’s largest websites, our product is designed to be fast—even with thousands of residents or older devices.

  1. After implementing HOA Express at our association, I was amazed by its capabilities and the positive impact it had on our community. The platform’s features are not only impressive but also user friendly, making it an invaluable asset for effective communication.

  2. I have used HOA Express for two previous websites with great success, and I hope to do the same again. I like the simplicity of your software, the ease of keeping the website current for a non-techie, and the breadth of features to meet this HOA’s needs!