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  • Every community needs a website

    Websites offer a unique set of tools and abilities that are crucial for every community. Available 24/7, websites provide easy access to documents, facilitate discussions, show off your community, and so much more. A website works tirelessly to save time, money, and effort for your community and board members. Here's some of the top reasons to create a website for your community:


    HOA, neighborhood, and condo websites bolster communication. That can mean many things, like making it easier for residents to access important documents, giving public notice about upcoming events, or letting residents have discussions on the forum. We offer many features that cater to these needs, but here are some practical ways to use a website for communication:
    • Post governing documents, meeting minutes, and deed restrictions.
    • Send blast emails about important announcements.
    • Share information about upcoming events and even collect RSVPs.
    • Hold discussions about topics important to your residents via forums.
    • Allow visitors to send messages through easy contact forms.
    • Display photos and details about community facilities and amenities.

    Save time & costs

    Because a website is functional around-the-clock, residents no longer need to manually request information from board and committee members. The most common information, like documents and FAQs, can be placed online instead. Besides saving time and effort, websites can also cut back on costs. Mass mailings can typically be replaced with blast emails and public website announcements, a far more affordable alternative. Plus, contact forms, online surveys, and electronic payments can significantly reduce processing time and paper costs.

    Build stronger community

    Imagine more families at community events, more participation in open meetings, and friendlier neighbors that know each other better. Communities can experience increased engagement and involvement by making event information readily available, sending announcements via email, and sharing profile information in a directory.


    It's important to keep sensitive documents and private information secure. Using fine-grained controls, you can ensure that only the appropriate people can view certain content. Rather than providing sensitive reports and files to anyone who asks via email, you can make these documents available online for registered and manually approved residents. You can even lock content down to just board members, just homeowners, or any custom group you've created.