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  • Customers love us

    Keeping our customers the happiest in the industry is our pride and joy. We want to make sure your experience with our service is a great one. Here's just a tiny selection of the praise we receive daily.

    So far, I've had only positive feedback from the residents who have signed up.
    I just can't say enough how easy your interface is. Great job on the website.
    So far I am VERY happy with HOA Express. It is very easy to use with lots of great features and nice looking design...I looked at a lot of HOA websites before I chose yours. Your information was well presented, upfront and very easy to get started. The HOA pages are very professional looking and easy to navigate...Keep up the excellent work!
    The website was a delight to set up and the neighbors are all impressed with how professional it looks and ease of use. Thanks.
    I'm so glad I found HOA Express. The tools provided are very straightforward to use even for someone like myself with limited computer skills. My website is really taking shape and I love the look of it.
    Your website building tool is fabulous even for the novice.
    When our Condo board needed to build a smart HOA web site, I looked at 25 different sites and solutions. HOA Express easily offered the best overall solution. It made it very easy for us to put up a professional website. The email blast feature is a great way to ensure that we are communicating effectively with all of our owners. Also, we love the fact that we can create private pages that only our owners can view. We built our entire site in less than a day with zero coding and it came out looking great. The owners love it. Well done!
    Thank you for offering such a great service. I was able to set up a site for our HOA relatively easy and have received so many compliments on it. Our members love it! Thank you!
    I continue to be impressed and appreciate how you handle things. I could only wish that other companies handled things in the same swift, proactive manner that you do. My compliments!
    Michael, Eagle Point