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    So you've decided to create a website for your community—that's great! We know you have multiple options for how to make your website goals a reality. You can create the website yourself using one of several website builders (like us!), or you can have the website created from scratch. Allow us to explain why we think the decision is easy!

    HOA Express vs. competitors

    When looking for a community website provider, look for the company that offers all the features you desire at the most affordable price. Make sure that existing customers really love their experience and ensure that the company is always improving. Double-check that you won't run into any hidden costs, like setup fees.

    At HOA Express, we believe we fit this bill better than anyone else. With straightforward pricing and no setup fees or hidden costs, we offer everything from the essentials to the most advanced features you won't find anywhere else. Best of all, customers love us! We receive praise daily and that fuels our passion for making our customers the happiest in the industry.

    Made from scratch vs. website builder

    A website created by a website designer is costly, becomes outdated quickly, and probably won't offer as many features. Community websites benefit greatly from economies of scale due to the quantity and sophistication of features required. By catering to lots of neighborhoods, website builders are able to provide feature-rich and constantly improving software for an affordable subscription price. Plus, website builders make it easy for administration to be passed down from one board member to another.

    But what if someone in your community has offered to build the website for little or no cost? While this is a friendly gesture, it can sometimes lead to unforeseen difficulties down the road. What if the designer leaves the community? Is private data truly safe? Can board members make changes quickly and easily? It may be the right choice, but it's important to have considered these questions.